I'm Edwin Cordeiro

Master Engineer in Computer Networks and Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Akamai Technologies

  • LOCATION Munich, Germany
  • E-MAIL edwin@scordeiro.net
  • PHONE +49 172 7087681
  • Master Computer Engineer Specialist in Computer Networks

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Principal Site Reliability Engineer capable of identifying key performance metrics needed to guarantee network performance and meet QoS expected by customers. PhD student specialized in Computer Networks. Technical Evangelist with experience in teaching and motivating the usage of the IPv6 Protocol, participating in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to contribute with Internet Protocols development. Customer facing expert capable to interact on technical and non-technical levels with strong demand creation skills. Developer of value propositions to meet customer requirements. Love to work with multiple teams with different priorities, like Sales and Engineering.

Professional Skills

Computer Networks
Performance Engineering
Technical Evangelist
Demand Creation
Programming Languages Python, C/C++, Bash, Java
Embedded Systems ARM, Linux, Raspberry PI

Work Experience

Since 2017

Principal Site Reliability Engineer


Performance evaluation and improvements for live and on demand media streaming. Analysis of network and product performance based on key performance metrics to increase QoS and prevent service disruptions to customers of the globally distributed media infrastructure networks that support 10+ Million simultaneous users in big events like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup. Analyses are based on large datasets collected from production networks and explored by custom internal solutions or with the usage of open source solutions, like Hadoop, Grafana, and Postgres.
Interaction with multiple internal teams, like software development, product management and customer support, to enable early problem detection and fixes as well to mitigate ongoing detected and undetected issues. Training and mentoring of new team member.

2017 - 2014

Research Staff


Researcher at the Chair for Network Architectures and Services from Professor Georg Carle as part of my PhD studies with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Research related to Routing Protocols, Network Quality of Service (QoS), Interface to the Routing System (I2RS), Network Congestion Detection and Avoidance.

2011 - 2008

Field Application Engineer


Enablement of customer projects with Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices by developing and offering of VHDL courses.
Development and execution of a plan to increase the Xilinx FPGA customer base into new market segments in Brazil.
Similar initiatives for other manufactures like Freescale, Silicon Labs, Broadcom, PMC-Sierra, Applied Micro, Marvell, Intel and Texas Instruments. Supporting processors like ARM (7, 9, Cortex M3 and Cortex A8) and x86, programming languages (C/C++) and operating systems (Linux, uCLinux and Windows Embedded).
Support of a heterogeneous group of customers, but particularly in Telecom and Industrial segments.

2014 - 2012

Senior Project Analyst


IPv6 Evangelist at IPv6.br Project. Teacher at IPv6 courses for employees of service and content providers. Worked in the update of the didactic material and creation of a book for the courses.
Research on IPv4 to IPv6 transition techniques and IPv6 Security, including lab tests (MAP-T, MAP-E, 464XLAT, NAT64 etc.) and contributions to IETF.
Viability analysis of Software Defined Networks (SDN) to increase the capabilities of the Brazilian Internet Exchange Points (IXP.br).


Trainee Software Developer


Development of a GSM Micro Base Station with GSM over VoIP. Responsible for the VoIP system that used ARM processors, uCLinux and C/C++. Worked with SIP and RTP protocols.
Customization of the Linux kernel and device drivers to achieve high performance on a limited embedded system.

2007 - 2006

Field Application Engineer

PI Componentes

Support existing and new customer projects.
Used existing material to teach new technologies like FPGA, ARM processors, GPS and GSM/GPRS modules, operating systems (Linux, Windows CE, uCLinux) and programming languages (C/C++ and Java). Worked with products from Digi, Altera, uBlox etc.

2006 - 2005

Hardware Developer - Scientific Initiation


Development of MP3 ASIC chip up to the FPGA prototyping. Advised by Professor Guido Araújo - Instituto de Computação / UNICAMP. The FPGA prototype was presented in 2005 SBCCI Congress, Florianópolis, Brazil.

2006 - 2005

Trainee Customer Support and Software Developer


University’s phone billing system maintenance and customer support at the Telephony Department. I implemented a system for automated phone billing generation and started the development of a telephone directory website for the University.


2021 - 2015

Doctor of Engineering - Network Architectures and Services (not concluded)


2014 - 2011

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) - Computer Networks


2006 - 2002

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) - Computer Engineering





Here you will find the links and details of my publications.

Brazil IP

Brazil IP

The Brazil-IP Project was a collaborative effort of Brazilian universities to support the development of the semiconductor industry in Brazil. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the main goals were to form human resources and design houses capable to develop semiconductor chip projects.



During my work in NIC.br, I was part of the IPv6.br Project. The project goal was to disseminate the IPv6 usage in Brazil.